Chartered Building Surveyors 

JMA is a Regulated Practice by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors; We offer a range of choice of building surveys to suit various types of clients and property including the following:

Residential Building Surveys

A detailed, good value survey written our own easy to read but comprehensive style which is suitable for all properties, but particularly suitable for Older buildings; unusual or non-traditional construction; dilapidated; and buildings which have been extended or altered.


The survey is also suitable where specific problems have been identified requiring specific detailed investigation and assessment of the building condition and construction.

In this survey we would carry out the following:

  • Detail investigation of the building fabric
  • Visual inspection of the services such as electrics
  • Accessible building voids; such as the sub-floors and roof spaces
  • External areas and building curtilage
  • Advice on remedial solutions of identified building issues
  • All reports are backed up with photographic evidence

The Building Survey can be tailored to a client’s specific needs and individual requirements, for example where a conversion, alteration or renovation is planned.



Commercial Building Surveys

We also carry out survey of commercial properties and advice on the following:

  • Building use/re-use
  • Legislative implications of the proposed building use
  • Structural condition assessment
  • Dilapidation and condition survey

Recent Projects

Homebuyer Surveys

This is a concise, and standard report format, designed by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors intended for properties which are of traditional construction.  It utilises colour coding to identify condition of the building elements. The surveyor decides, using the condition coding whether a building element requires urgent attention, serious or not.

  • This report enables the client to make reasoned/informed decision whether or not to proceed with the proposed acquisition of the property.
  • It enables the client to consider what important issues to consider prior to the acquisition of the property involved.
  • Decides whether the asking price is reasonable given the condition of the property.



  • JMA Chartered Building Surveyors, will assist your legal team in preparing dilapidation schedules based upon the standard RICS guidance notes and protocols expected by the courts in dealing with such claims.
  • We have the expertise to assist in supporting or challenging a dilapidations claim on behalf of a landlords claim or on behalf of a tenant in order to arrive at an equitable final outcome. Our surveyors have experience of mediation procedures and brokering an agreeable financial settlement.
  • If you have been served with or are concerned about the forthcoming termination of your lease, please do not hesitate to contact us for prior advice.