We work in the Yorkshire region and around the United Kingdom. JMA is built on great passion for functional design and we essentially help our clients achieve their dreams. With a solid experience spanning the last 10 years, we are well positioned to help you and to ensure that your project is delivered to the best possible standard.

We are fully regulated and pay attention to details in our work while ensuring that you are actively carried during every stage of your project. We are committed to environmentally friendly and sustainable practices that are globally accepted.

Why JMA?

We are a value-adding firm and our philosophy is based on the following:

A Listening Partner:

We give our clients the opportunity to explain what they require and what they are looking to achieve. We like to understand the context for our client’s desires and expectations because inside every structural requirement is a dream that is waiting to be expressed.

Value adding Partner

In response, we ensure that we help expand your ideas and dreams so you can see the potential for what is possible and the opportunities. Often our contributions help our clients see the bigger picture of where they can get to. We can often also help bring together the extra resources that you require to achieve your goal.

A solid Implementation:

Our experience enables us to understand the best approach to delivering your project to the highest standard without compromising on your dreams.

Some of our recent projects

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